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ASAP/After School Activities Partnerships' mission is to develop high quality after school activities and resources to empower youth and strengthen communities in Philadelphia. ASAP facilitates after school and summer enrichment clubs in schools, libraries, community-based organizations, and recreation centers throughout Philadelphia. In the 2016-2017 school year, ASAP served more than 5,000 youth in 351 total programs. Through the following citywide initiatives, ASAP expands the traditional scope of after school activities to cultivate communities of diverse youth for whom extra-curricular passions are the gateway to success in the classroom and beyond:

  • ASAP Chess: With 170 clubs meeting weekly and competing monthly, ASAP’s chess program develops the problem-solving and strategic-thinking skills of more than 2,500 youth.
  • ASAP Debate: Through ASAP’s debate program, over 400 youth in 45 middle and high school clubs explore important issues while building critical reading and public speaking skills.
  • ASAP Scrabble®: Through weekly play and citywide events, ASAP Scrabble teaches the essential building blocks of literacy and mathematics to more than 1,300 students in 92 clubs.
  • ASAP Drama: For more than 1,000 youth in 40 clubs, ASAP Drama nurtures young people’s powers of expression, team work skills and cultural knowledge through participating in group performances and attending professional productions.
  • ASAP Directory of After Schools Programs: Featuring thousands of after school activities in 1200+ sites, ASAP's Directory is published annually in the Philadelphia Daily News and is maintained as a search engine on ASAP's website.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's About ASAP page.


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