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Overbrook Park is a West Philadelphia neighborhood. As described by Wikipedia, the neighborhood is bounded by Overbrook on one side, Penn Wynne on another side, Indian Creek (a tributary of Cobbs Creek) and park land on a third side, and a golf course on the fourth side. The main artery is Haverford Avenue which goes into Penn Wynne across City Avenue where it becomes Haverford Road. Haverford Avenue and 75th Street connect it to Lansdowne Avenue on the Overbrook side. Haverford Avenue, 76th Street, and 77th Street connect it to City Avenue on the Penn Wynne side. The neighborhood spans for approximately four city blocks west to east along City Avenue, and approximately ten smaller blocks north to south on either side of 76th Street.

Alternate Description: The Overbrook Park Civic Association describes its service area: "Landsdowne Ave to City Ave along Haverford Ave- from Ashurst to Westend Drive".

Adjoining Neighborhoods

Overbrook Park is adjoined by Overbrook on one side and by Penn Wynne, Pennsylvania on another.

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