Eclectic Learning Network (ELN)

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A diverse and secular member-based network; dedicated to the empowerment of unschooling/self-directed families through community, connection and awareness that reflect the cultural and interest-driven needs of our children.

Eclectic Learning Network creates a passageway for children to engage in interest-based and self-directed learning opportunities without fear of failure.

ELN founder Maleka Diggs has made it her mission to shift the paradigm of education; providing year-round learning opportunities not only for her children, but Philadelphia homeschool families who are seeking a similar network of support.

Eclectic Learning Network is your destination for beginning or modifying your home education journey with ease. Providing workshops supporting academic enrichment and social awareness, private consultations, events, clubs, field trips, and resources that revitalize the joy of learning reflecting the cultural and interest-driven needs of our children one family at a time.

Note:  The above description came from the organization's About page.