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St. Laurentius Church, which Faithful Laurentians want to preserve.

Faithful Laurentians introduces itself with the line, "Preserving St. Laurentius Church as a Sacred Space", and gives the following descriptive information:

We are parishioners, preservationists, friends and neighbors who are dedicated to preserving St. Laurentius Church as a sacred space in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA.

We are happy to form the Faithful Laurentians of Philadelphia, PA and step forward to care for St. Laurentius Church, a church which was the focal point of the lives of our ancestors, and whose continued existence is so very important to us today. St. Laurentius was the first Polish church in Philadelphia and the oldest Polish personal parish in the United States. The successful establishment of St. Laurentius Church and Parish demonstrates the success of Philadelphia’s great experiment. St. Laurentius Church is more than a building; it has hosted weddings, baptisms and sadly over a hundred years of goodbyes. When one walks past St. Laurentius you feel the life that our ancestors gave to the church, and are drawn to a deeper faith in God mirroring their own faith. When you walk through the doors the strength of that faith becomes visible from the floor to the ceiling. We want our children, our children’s children and their children to forever experience that majestic moment when walking into St. Laurentius Church. By preserving St. Laurentius Church at our own expense, we will insure that our descendants continue to draw spiritual nourishment from this majestic house of God, and that its towers continue to radiate the good news of eternal salvation over Fishtown and Philadelphia as a whole. We look forward to working with Holy Name of Jesus Parish and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to make this a truly successful venture for all of us.

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