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Real Farmers, Real Food

Founder and director Bob Pierson is a pioneer in the Philadelphia area local food movement. In 1996 he and several friends started Philadelphia's first outdoor farmers' market - a market with real farmers. Later that year he began work with the Food Trust to plan and operate its first seven outdoor farmers' markets. In 2000 he left the Food Trust to start Farm to City LLC to be an advocate for farmers. Since then Farm to City has opened many new farmers' markets, operated the Winter Harvest Buying Club through 2017, helped many CSA farms to find members, and created a website that allows other farmers and food hubs to use its web tools to serve their own local food movements. Farm to City's programs account for about $3.3 million annual sales by farmers and food artisans.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's About Us page.

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