Germantown Life Enrichment Center (GLEC)

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The Germantown Life Enrichment Center (GLEC) gives the following descriptive information:

We are a community-oriented recreational and educational facility in the heart of Germantown. Children and adults of all ages can "experience it all." From our state of the art fitness center to sports and enrichment programs for all ages, the GLEC has something for everyone. Please come in today for a free tour and see what we have for you and your family.

The Corporation, following a 144-year-old tradition of Christian service to persons of all ages, ethnic groups, and religious affiliations seeks to provide a wide range of physical, intellectual, and social programs which will improve the quality of life for individuals and families who desire to reach their full potential in a wholesome friendly environment.

The Germantown Life Enrichment Center (located in the nationally-recognized Historic Young Men's Christian Association building) offers a great place to increase good health, have fun and meet new friends. We provide a variety of programs for everybody and every level of fitness. GLEC provides a diverse offering of cultural programming and events for the enrichment of our members and community.

For more than 144 years, the Germantown Life Enrichment Center has helped members improve their health and well being while building a stronger sense of community.The Germantown Life Enrichment Center is a membership organization open to all people. We welcome women and men, girls and boys of all ages, races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientation, abilities, ancestry, national origin (including limited english proficiency) and financial circumstances. The Germantown Life Enrichment Center embraces diversity, reflecting the needs and composition of the communities we serve.