Paul's Aphorisms

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This page reveals some bits of wisdom that Wikidelphia editor Paul has learned by living.

  • Age is not an excuse.
Your age does not excuse you from anything. If you're blind, on the other hand, you have an excuse in cases where vision is absolutely required, and that's only if you haven't figured out some other way of getting it done. So if you find yourself saying, "I'm too old for this," then cancel that statement, get specific, and admit the real reason.
  • Where there's God's will, there's a way.
For about a decade, I had a radio show about poverty, and I believed that I had a calling from God to do it. So whenever I ran up against an obstacle that made it seem too difficult or maybe even impossible to keep the show going, I said to myself, "Where there's God's will, there's a way", and then I just kept on trying to find whatever that way was. It worked every time; if it didn't, the show wouldn't have accumulated over 540 weekly episodes. People say, "Where there's a will, there's a way", but I don't buy that, because circumstances can defeat an individual's self-willed efforts. But God has all circumstances under control, so if you're doing His will, He will make it possible for you to get it done.