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In 1997, Philadelphia hosted the Presidents’ Summit for America’s Future. The summit aimed to “turn the tide for America’s youth,” with a particular focus on those who were not provided a fair start due to the ills associated with poverty and struggling school districts. This was the catalyst for the expansion of the “America Reads Challenge” to spread across our nation with states as far as California to Massachusetts in participation. The goal of the America Reads Challenge was to enlist an army of reading tutors to provide the one-on-one attention necessary for children to “catch up and get ahead,” with an objective of reading on grade-level by the end of third grade.

At the conclusion of his speech, former President Clinton asked those in attendance, “After today is over, do you promise to keep working tomorrow?” PHILADELPHIA READS answered with an affirmative yes, establishing itself as an initiative of the Mayor’s office (former Mayor Ed. Rendell), chartered to recruit and train volunteers to work independently with children as reading tutors in the “Power Partners” program. As time progressed, PHILADELPHIA READS grew and developed additional ways to provide quality OST programming to children and youth, which included the establishment of the Summer READS program in 2007 with the help of generous funding from the Annenberg Foundation. Today, PHILADELPHIA READS is still saying yes! Yes, we have kept our promise to keep working and we will continue to do so until the tide has completely turned!

Book Bank at Philadelphia READS

The PHILADELPHIA READS Book Bank is a resource for educators who serve our city’s children and youth within daycare, preschool, public, private, charter, parochial, religious, and after-school classrooms.

Reading Olympics at Philadelphia READS

In 2003 five schools in the West Region of the School District of Philadelphia and schools in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, in collaboration with PHILADELPHIA READS, started what was to become a large city wide reading competition.

Reading Is love at Philadelphia READS

Reading is Love is a multimedia project of PHILADELPHIA READS. PHILADELPHIA READS is an initiative of the Mayor’s Office on Education in collaboration with The Free Library of Philadelphia and The School District of Philadelphia.

Summer Reads at Philadelphia READS

In Philadelphia, Summer READS is the answer for our children and youth. With Summer READS, our children will not “slide,” they will rise!

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