Robert Sapolsky’s Edutaining “Human Behavioral Biology”

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Essay by CJ Fearnley

In this essay I review an important free video course and I highlight three big takeaways from the course: the dangers of categorial thinking, the gene-environment interaction, and understanding and using complex systems thinking to better understand human behavior.

  • The bulk of the essay organizes my detailed notes on the videos and the group explorations I organized on topics from the course. You should skim this part unless you are ready for a deep dive (it is a huge amount of material!).

The essay concludes by requesting your feedback on my effort.

    • Is it a good guide for edutainment?
    • How could or should I improve on enhancing a course like Sapolsky's?
    • How can this effort and efforts like it help address the crisis of ignorance that is rampant in our civilization?
    • Please let me know what you think of this essay/review.

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