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SEAMAAC, the Southeast Asian Mutual Assistance Associations Coalition, gives the following descriptive information:

Our continued vision is to build a society where newcomers and native-born are given equal opportunities to prosper, live free of oppression, and achieve their American dreams.

The Health & Social Services Department Staff supports SEAMAAC's mission by continuing to serve refugee and immigrant families and communities to overcome linguistic and cultural barriers in order to improve the quality of their lives through education such as ESL, health promotion, information & referral, case management, advocacy, community programs, and collaboration with other health care and social service providers.

The Education Department serves elementary and high school students and young adults in their educational experience through after-school enrichment programs, truancy prevention, and summer programs. Understanding the crucial role parents, family and community support play in the success of students, the Family and Youth Department engages the participation and fosters leadership of parents and community stakeholders.

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