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Study Love, subtitled, "A Super-Outline for Study or Meditation on 1 Cor. 13:4-7 (The New Testament Definition of Agape: Spiritual Love)", is a website that has been growing slowly since 2001, always adding information to facilitate deep exploration of the classic itemized Christian description of agape (ah-GAH-pay).

"While it is possible to find topics here to debate," says a disclaimer under the Study Love main index, "this is primarily a space for people to learn how to put agape (love) into thought and practice." The site consists mainly of sixteen sections, each headed by a phrase from the King James Version:

  • Charity
  • Suffereth Long
  • And Is Kind
  • Charity Envieth Not
  • Charity Vaunteth Not Itself
  • Is Not Puffed Up
  • Doth Not Behave Itself Unseemly
  • Seeketh Not Her Own
  • Is Not Easily Provoked
  • Etc.

Each section includes:

  • A multitude of translations and versions.
  • Multiple definitions of the original Greek words and some of their derivatives ("paronyms"), synonyms, and antonyms.
  • Examples of these words elsewhere in the Bible.
  • Relevant quotations from other ancient sources and from commentators of later and modern centuries.
  • Some also have English dictionary definitions. Some have Hebrew equivalents and definitions.
  • There are also a few "Easter eggs", for example, a sub-page about love feasts and a sub-page about kindness to animals.

The site's design is minimalist (small and simple), so the pages load unusually quickly. The whole site is downloadable in one tiny ZIP file (less than 1 MB) for offline use.

Note:  The above description was written by the website's editor specially for Wikidelphia.

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