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Capsule Bio

In August 2015, one job (NTR) led to another as I signed on as staff editor of Wikidelphia. This big-scope Philadelphia website was in need of someone to pay attention long-term and help expand the site more than its busy progenitor Stan could do by himself.

Politically, I add balance to Wikidelphia. Stan and I, firm allies for decades personally, oppose starkly most of each other's positions politically. That said, we get along more than well enough to build Wikidelphia while we live. Myself, I choose page topics most often by browsing local news sites. It's a lot less often that I take advantage of "Wikidelphia freedom" to add a page because I favor the subject.

Another experience that qualifies me: I started and have been gradually expanding another reference source. It's called Study Love, and it's a place to learn about or meditate upon the most important force in the universe, as it's called by Christians and near-death experiencers: spiritual love (agape, as opposed to eros or philia). The site is large, detailed, well-organized, and stunningly fast-loading.

Slowly I'm also building a personal glossary of linguistics that I share publicly. When I see a term I don't know (which happens mostly when I go over my notes taken while a spectator at the Penn Linguistics Conference) I look it up and write an entry from what I find, and then post it in my glossary..

In 2009, I started slowly adding the Stratificational Grammar collection of terms to Glottopedia, getting advice from the father of that grammar, Sydney Lamb.

From 2007 to 2014, I held the "chief clerk" job (doing website maintenance, flier creation, operations reports, and various other clerical tasks) at Nonprofit Technology Resources (NTR), which was what I would liken to a one-location Goodwill for computers.


PaulSank (talk) 09:34, 9 February 2018 (EST)

Paul, thanks for writing up your personal experience at the Franklin Institute!  Stan 17:31, 7 March 2011 (EST)