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. http://www.PhiladelphiaUptownRadio.org

Dropping News, Views & Beats from The Historic Uptown Theater

One of Philadelphia's new community radio stations, WJYN 98.5 FM (Uptown Radio), will begin broadcasting in the Fall 2016 out of its North Philadelphia studio. This is a new community enterprise born from the joint efforts of individuals working to create healthy, vibrant neighborhoods in North Philadelphia and other parts of the city, and the Uptown Entertainment Development Corporation (UEDC), a North Philadelphia-based organization that has been involved in this work for decades. Uptown Radio can only fulfill its mission of empowering communities with information that inspires and uplifts if the station is staffed by individuals who are passionate about using radio as a tool to improve their lives and the lives of others. We are looking forward to building potent and transformative community radio in Philadelphia with a corps of dedicated volunteers. Please consider joining this effort.

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