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==Adjoining Neighborhoods==
==Adjoining Neighborhoods==
Fishtown adjoins [[:Category:Where-Kensington|Kensington]] on the north, [[:Category:Where-Olde_Richmond|Olde Richmond]] on the east, [[:Category:Where-Northern_Liberties|Northern Liberties]] on the south, and [[:Category:Where-Olde_Kensington|Olde Kensington]] and [[:Category:Where-Norris_Square|Norris Square]] on the west. Some blocks in Fishtown should also be marked Kensington.  
Fishtown is adjoined on the north by [[:Category:Where-Kensington|Kensington]], on the east by [[:Category:Where-Olde_Richmond|Olde Richmond]], on the south by [[:Category:Where-Northern_Liberties|Northern Liberties]], and on the west by [[:Category:Where-Olde_Kensington|Olde Kensington]] and [[:Category:Where-Norris_Square|Norris Square]]. Some blocks in Fishtown should also be called [[:Category:Where-Kensington|Kensington]].  
==Map Links==
==Map Links==

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Fishtown is a Philadelphia neighborhood bounded on the northeast by East Norris Street, Trenton Avenue, and East York Street, on the southeast by Aramingo Avenue, North Delaware Avenue, Richmond Street, and the Delaware River, on the southwest by Sugar House Casino and East Laurel Street, and on the northwest or west by North Front Street.

Local Description: Fishtown's boundaries are described by the Fishtown Neighbors Association as follows: "Fishtown's boundaries are the subject of much debate, but as defined in our Articles of Incorporation, they are from the Delaware River to Laurel Street, Laurel Street to Front Street, Front Street to Norris Street, Norris Street to Trenton Avenue, Trenton Avenue to Frankford Avenue, Frankford Avenue to York Street, and York Street to the Delaware River. (All border streets include odd and even addresses.)"

Adjoining Neighborhoods

Fishtown is adjoined on the north by Kensington, on the east by Olde Richmond, on the south by Northern Liberties, and on the west by Olde Kensington and Norris Square. Some blocks in Fishtown should also be called Kensington.

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