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Age Treatment News introduces itself with the line, "Biomedical research news for slower aging and better health", and gives the following descriptive information:
Scientists today are discovering much more about aging than ever before, thanks to huge advances in basic biological sciences and research tools. Some of these discoveries suggest health strategies that are safe enough to try, and might help people relieve certain problems now. But doctors are trained to ignore such research or at least not tell patients about it, because it is not proven for sure. Some people may want to make their own decisions. offers easy search and access to over 3,500 recent (published 2015 or later) news reports we selected--on aging research, healthy aging, health policy, and related issues. Mostly we link to press releases issued by universities when their scientists publish research findings in peer-reviewed journals; usually these are credible, written for everybody not just specialists, and not influenced or defaced by advertising.

For example, click the "Parkinson's" button to see more than 90 science and news articles on Parkinson's disease, published in 2016 or 2015 (more recent news is near the top of the list). ...

Scientists still don't know what causes aging; there are many conflicting theories. ... We do not have favorites. We want to see what each approach can do.

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