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This Wikidelphia idea page about agreements is an attempt at making things very plain. Things like Money:
To start, we need to recognize that as thinking beings we created language to allow us to share our agreements about the world.
  • Could there be a "little voice in our head" prior to the development of language?
  • Things we can see and touch received names, even if never spoken, the name is the product of the little voice.
  • Language is a tool: It enables agreements between two or more people's little voice.
  • Writing is a tool. It allows agreements to be recorded.
  • Money is a tool. It provides methods for numeralizing agreements.

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Stan (Wikidelphia publisher)

Posted on Facebook January 5th, 2012

Everything we know, everything we see, everything we do together depends on agreements. Language is a tool for making agreements, writing is a tool for recording agreements, money is a tool for enumerating our agreements. Agreements among people are the basis for our conscious reality. Without a process for agreed upon concepts, our reality would be awash with meaningless sensations.