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South Philadelphia East (SPE) is a South Philadelphia neighborhood or area bounded on the north by Snyder Avenue, South 4th Street, and West Oregon Avenue. It is bounded on the east by Interstate 95, Interstate 76, the Walt Whitman bridge approach, and the Delaware River. It is bounded on the south by the Delaware River and the mouth of the Schuylkill River. On the west are Interstate 95 (another segment) and South Broad Street.

Adjoining Neighborhoods

SPE adjoins East Passyunk Crossing on the north. It adjoins and overlaps a bit with Whitman on the north and east. SPE's east and south sides are across the Delaware River from Camden County and Gloucester County in Southern New Jersey (South Jersey). SPE adjoins Packer Park and Melrose, which are included in the area called South Philadelphia West, on the west.

Included Neighborhoods: SPE wholly includes Lower Moyamensing as its northwesternmost section.

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