Stefan Klein (Survival of the Nicest)

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Survival of the Nicest, by Stefan Klein.
Stefan Klein is an author. The webpage for his book Survival of the Nicest gives the following descriptive information:
In a book certain to change our thinking and our actions, science writer Stefan Klein argues that selfishness is self-defeating and proves the evolutionary advantages of altruism.

"The future belongs to the altruists,” Stefan Klein proclaims in this wide-ranging and often surprising exploration of why generosity, and not selfishness, is the means to achieving lasting personal and societal success. A highly readable synthesis of an extraordinary array of material—including current brain research and genetics, economics and social psychology, behavioral and anthropological experiments, history and contemporary culture--Survival of the Nicest clearly establishes just how evolution has hard-wired us to act for one another’s benefit. At once serious, entertaining, and grounded in the most up-to-date science, Klein’s book helps us to clearly understand how and why caring for and about others protects us from loneliness and depression; makes us happier, healthier, and more successful; and can even extend our lives.