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The Wikidelphia Category System is an information indexing concept devised by Stan Pokras for organizing the pages on Wikidelphia.

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Top Level Tags

  • Each page in Wikidelphia can have as many tags as needed.
  • Click a Top Tag to see a list of associated categories.
  • The “Target” of a page may be the page itself, or a website, an organization, a person or anything else.
Top Tag Description
About What does the target write ABOUT or create media ABOUT?

This may be the same as the target’s Issue. But a target can have an Issue without writing or producing media about it.

Buys What goods or services does the target BUY?
By What organization or individual created or presented the target?
Does What does the target DO?
Frequency How often does this happen?

Periodicals or events will have a FREQUENCY

Is What kind of thing IS this target?

A business? - A government agency? - An artist? - A document? - A person? - or A Video?

Issue What motivates the target?

Human Rights? The Environment? Labor Law?

Makes What does the target MAKE?
Sells What does the target SELL?
Serves Who does the target SERVE?
Teaches What does the target TEACH?
Using What special resource does the target USE?

i.e. Volunteers? or Video?

Where What area is Served?

This may be some location other than where the target is located…

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