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Uptown Theater.
The Uptown Entertainment Development Corporation (UEDC) gives the following descriptive information:
The Uptown Entertainment & Development Corp. (UEDC) is a community development corporation, incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1995, received its 501c3 tax-exempt status in 2002, and registered with Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations since 2004. UEDC has identified the historic Uptown Theater, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, as its first acquisition and revitalization project. Development plans include renovating the theater as an entertainment venue, creating a museum dedicated to preserving Black music, developing a technology center, and providing commercial leasing space in the proposed Entertainment and Education Tower. Other UEDC projects / programs include:
  • A newly-acquired LPFM Radio Station, Uptown Radio WJYN 98.5 FM.
  • A Job Bank for construction workers.
  • Uptown Youth Got Talent (UYGT) for job readiness, audio/video production and performing arts.
  • Commercial Corridor Cleaning & Beautification.
  • African American Preservation Heritage Trail / Historic Trail Project.

UEDC also serves as a Registered Community Organization (RCO) for North Central Philadelphia (aka The Uptown Cultural District, Avenue of the Arts North, Harlem Quarter North) in conjunction with the City Planning Commission's Citizen Planning Institute.

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