African Bicycle Contribution Foundation (ABCF)

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Visible results from the African Bicycle Contribution Foundation.

The African Bicycle Contribution Foundation (ABCF) gives the following descriptive information:

The African Bicycle Contribution Foundation (ABCF) is 501(c)3 non-profit corporation whose mission is to generate funding to underwrite the distribution of bicycles to under-resourced, transport-dependent students, small farmers and healthcare workers, in Ghana.

The Foundation also anticipates that, as a result of its programs, a substantial number of related jobs and businesses will be created on the Continent, in the areas of bicycle manufacturing, assembly, repair and maintenance.

Imagine living in a rural African community, where you must walk miles to have access to your school, to fresh water, to healthcare facilities, or to carry your small farm's produce to a marketplace. For those without access to other forms of transport, and who are challenged to traverse rural roads, a bicycle can provide significant family economic benefits and can, literally, be a lifesaver.

African tradition, in most rural areas, places an inordinate burden on women as the primary haulers of fuel, water and food, and to provide for the healthcare needs of their children. For most, walking is their only mode of transportation, and it may take hours to get them to critically important destinations. This is were ABCF, and its supporters, can play a critically important role.

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