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Alternative Currencies (barter and time exchanges)

Timebanks are systems that allow people to obtain & offer services without using cash. Learn more about them at the links below. These services offer the ability to keep track of the value of the services that are exchanged. (the world's largest timebank)

Ithaca HOURS 

Another link to Ithaca Hours

Paul Glover's How-To page on starting an alternative currency

Hometown Money: How to Enrich Your Community with Local Currency 

Jem Bendell - The Money Myth (video)

overview of information on local currencies

Author of "The Future of Money," see Bernard Lietaer's Web site.

Greeks Resort to Bartering (Article in the Guardian, 1/2/2013)

Philadelphia area timebanks are listed here: Is-Timebank

SEEDS The Conscious Currency

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