Archbishop Slappy

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Sloppy Making A Pitch

Ending Homelessness in Philly...Forever?

Archbishop Slappy is a cooperative effort between Donald Blackburn, Biscuit Dollapacca and Slappy the homeless guy. Don and Biscuit first met Slappy at the dumpster behind one of Philadelphia's finest Gentlemen's clubs. Don and Biscuit knew that they had to help this man. They realized that if they dressed him like a pimp, he could make more panhandling. Slappy was moved into Don's basement, cleaned up and became Archbishop Slappy the Homeless Pimp.

  • He is now the spokesperson for The aim is to dress all of the homeless in the city of Philadelphia like 70's street pimps. People would give them more money and they would be able to get off the streets. Tourists would flock to Philly for the history and to see the homeless! It's pretty simple.
  • Also, if anyone knows his real name let us know. We also need his social security # so we can pay him. Until then he has shelter and as many Taquitos as he can eat!