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BrideNext was described in this blurb from the Philadelphia Citizen:

This week, Painted Bride Art Center launches a new initiative called BrideNext that brings together young folks from different walks of life in the hopes of sparking dialogue about how Philly millennials can use art and face-to-face interaction to make our city better. With a focus on the issues of gentrification and immigration, BrideNext invites twenty- and thirtysomethings to come together to create original works of art and community events that will take place through fall 2017. The first fruit of their labor was the BrideNext kickoff party. The affair featured a half-dozen theater artists, activists and city workers who swapped stories about their experiences living in the city and talked about issues facing millennials and how they can be resolved. According to organizers, future BrideNext events include opportunities for art creation, civic dialogue, listening exchanges, workshops and networking.