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The Chocolate Press gives the following descriptive information:

We produce culinary molds for chocolates and cookies using high quality FDA approved materials. At present we don't directly sell chocolate, at least not till we have an appropriate venue to work from.

Our chocolate molds are generally produced using a 2 part system resulting in a chocolate bar with a bas-relief image on it. We intend to branch out to making more elaborate 3D sculptures, but that will have to wait until we have a 3D scanner set up.

Sadly our chocolate demo imaging program is down until we update it for HTML5. Till then feel free to email images to for a free consultation and screenshot of how it will turn out. Not every image will be instantly convertible into a chocolate bar, logos are generally easy to convert, but as the system operates via height mapping, many images won't work without a bit of editing.

Our latest product is the CAD for Cookies program, which allows anyone to make custom cookie cutters. The program is free and links to our 3dHubs site where you can upload the file produced from our program to get it 3D printed.