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The latest online material about this subject appears to be dated 2017, and the main URL of this page went dead. For now at least, we consider the following information to be history:

The Comcast-Pennovation Challenge is described in the Philadelphia Business Journal:

Philadelphia's aging infrastructure could benefit from the winning idea of the first-ever Comcast-Pennovation Challenge, after a multidisciplinary team of University of Pennsylvania students took home the grand prize by designing internet of things technology that can monitor the stability of bridges.

Tied in with Comcast’s sponsorship of Penn’s new Pennovation Center, the inaugural contest was launched last fall to spur student and faculty development of IoT applications using Comcast’s new machineQ network, a Low Power Wide Area Network that can power smart cities and industrial IoT tech. (The network, which was first piloted in Philadelphia and the Bay area, will be expanded into 12 other major cities, Comcast announced.)

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