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Compete 360 which also calls itself "Design Thinking Philadelphia" and "DT Philly", gives the following descriptive information:

Compete 360 fosters a design thinking (DT) practice in city schools by training teachers, facilitating student-led projects, and hosting the DT Philly Challenge, where students in the middle and high school divisions present their work to a panel of design and business professionals and compete for grants to support the evolution of their projects or the advancement of the program in their schools. Compete 360 also offers a 3rd - 5th grade version of DT Philly.

Compete 360 is a 501(c)3 organization founded by Garry Maddox, a businessman and former Gold Glove centerfielder for the Philadelphia Phillies. Garry’s charity has been partnering with city schools to support the education and development of urban youth since 2000, and he believes the skills that design thinking promotes are critical to success in the workplace and in higher education.