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The Critical Path staff at the ribbon cutting of its new Critical Path lab with Mayor Michael Nutter and US Congressman Bob Brady.

The Critical Path Project gives the following descriptive information:

Philadelphia FIGHT’s Critical Path Project is a digital inclusion training and advocacy program that enables low-income people to have access to the Internet and digital literacy training, and know where to find critical, trustworthy, and lifesaving health information. The Critical Path Project serves all people of all ages.

Critical Path offers Internet services to groups traditionally left behind by technology (poor, disenfranchised and marginalized communities). Services include:

  • A current and up-to-date website focused on access to the Internet and digital literacy programs and tools.
  • Creation and maintenance of 4 Public Computing Centers.
  • Digital Literacy and Computer classes and workshops for all skill levels.
  • One-on-one tutorial support to assist you with a variety of tasks that need to be done on a computer.
  • Mobile computing labs that we can bring to any location that does not have computers.
  • Smart phone, ipad, and tablets that we use to demonstrate new apps and tools that you can use right from your phone.

Critical Path began within the HIV community and has broadened its reach to all Philadelphians.

Ensuring that all communities have Internet access is a fundamental and necessary strategy in FIGHT’s mission to end the AIDS epidemic within the lifetime of those currently living with HIV and to address the critical need to access health information and our basic civil rights.

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