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CuddleFix gives the following descriptive information:

In one set of studies, touch was shown to boost the immune systems of people who had been exposed to the common cold. For two weeks, researchers monitored more than four hundred adults, asking them not just about their social interactions but about how many hugs they’d gotten over the course of each day. Then the subjects were quarantined in rooms on an isolated hotel floor, where the researchers proceeded to expose them to a cold virus. The virus was quite effective: seventy-eight per cent of subjects were infected, and just over thirty-one per cent showed signs of illness. But not everyone was equally susceptible. The people who had experienced more supportive physical interactions battled infection more effectively and exhibited fewer signs of illness—and, when you tease apart the effects of social support and hugging, touch, in itself, accounted for thirty-two per cent of the reduction effect.

Is there a client agreement?

All clients and Cuddle Pros must sign an client agreement agreeing that no sexual activity or kissing of any kind between cuddlers will take place. We are unable to provide service for anyone unable to agree the contract.

Where does snuggling take place?

Sessions can take place at the Cuddle Pros home or the clients. If you are unable to have them at your residence or the Pro’s residence, you can meet at a hotel room, or cuddle at a public place such as a movie theater or park.

Should I talk during my session?

Talking is completely up to you. Our Cuddle Pros are often chatty and are happy to listen and have a conversationwith you.

Do we have to only cuddle?

The Cuddle Pros will do what it takes to brighten your day through platonic companionship. You can give each other massages, watch TV, video games, enjoy a meal, or anything as long as it stays platonic.

What training do your cuddles receive?

Our Cuddle Pros are given instructions on safety, rules and best practices for cuddling for making the client feel comfortable. Online test and videos are required.

Does cuddling really have health benefits?

It is often labeled as touch therapy. There is endless amounts of information detailing the positive effects of friendly touch.

From a testimonial:

As human beings we need to talk and have physical interactions with others. To able to talk openly and not be afraid of saying the wrong thing. Perhaps we’re grieving the loss of someone and just need to be held or listened to.

CuddleFix is based in Birmingham, Alabama.

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