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Deep Blue Womyn Company introduces itself with the lines, "Creating Experiences, Programs, and Projects That Transform Communities", and, "Master Professional Creatives Within Your Reach". It gives the following descriptive information:

Deep Blu Womyn Company launched in June of 2014. It is a company of artists who in addition to their creative acumen have strong practical and administrative expertise. The founder, YahNé Ndgo Baker, understands what artists require, particularly financially and temporally. Artists need to have the freedom of time to build their creative strengths, explore creative inspirations, and produce their creative products , and they need resources. Often, artists secure the finances necessary to survive and to accomplish their artistic goals through traditional employment. Many therefore develop skills that are of high value in the professional world. YahNé realized that artistic excellence and administrative/practical mastery combine well to generate stellar, stand out products and services, solutions, experiences, plans and products – be they traditional or unique and unorthodox. YahNé thus determined to provide her clientele access to artists as contractors , functioning as a project manager while partnering with artists to offer an exciting combination of skills to individuals, businesses, organizations, and officials. In addition, YahNé has created a structure of support around the artistic ventures of these artists, so that their art becomes more and more viable as a primary accessor to resources.

  • Projects, Programs, Creative Fundraising
    • From conception through execution, we develop, manage and implement projects and programs to accomplish community, corporate and fundraising goals.
  • Marketing, Branding, Events
    • From text copy to graphic design, from social media and marketing strategies to full service event management, we ensure every brand is beautiful and recognized.
  • Organizational Development
    • We coach the development and implementation of strategies, processes, and structures that will drive organizations to the effective fulfillment their purpose.
  • Full Stack Web Development
    • We make a difference by building web applications for our own transformative projects, and by building applications for organizations that do significant work.