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Wow, Jordan!

  • This Wikidelphia page is in response to your Facebook post... I love it that you took the time to recognize these people and their acts. At this point in time, I'm attempting to figure out how to format the page in preparation for creating a Wikidelphia page that links from this page to a page for each person you mention.
  • The page for each artist will ultimately also include a link to their own Website as well as their Facebook. They also can offer pointers to other spots, or documents on the Web.
  • Your effort here is a new beginning for Wikidelphia. It represents the first contribution by a "topic curator." With this page as a starting point, I'll try to design an index to the material. I'll be very open to any suggestions about how to lay out both this page and the pages it will ultimately link to.
  • For now, this is JUST a Draft! But I want everyone mentioned here to know what is on the way... I envision Wikidelphia as a glorious index to everything that people in our region feel, think, do and like...

Copying from Facebook...

Stanley R. Pokras Hum, I've not been very useful at supporting local acts, but I'd like to be informed when someone I have met is performing... I'll make a point to be there.

Jordan Guerra That’s a kind thing to say, Stanley. I would definitely say there are sooo many talented comedians in this city. Nicole Phoenix does a monthly show that uplifts and gives a voice to black women, women of color and non binary performers, Hannah Trav has a very funny show coming up at Good Good, there are wonderful shows at Philly Improv Theatre and Classic Reinvention is definitely someone to watch. There are wonderful hosts including Vernon Keith Ruffin Jr. and comics who will never not make you laugh like Rachel Fogletto and Marlénas McMahon-Purk. There are monthly shows for all types like Jack Fitzsimmons‘ Snappy Pun series, Katonya Mosley‘s shows and diverse voices including Nichole Spain and Christian J. Mangual and there are comics who started or performed here who are crushing it nationally like Chanel Al . honestly I’m just scratching the surface and I’m leaving out dozens more. Ronald Metellus, Dave Terruso, John Deary, Brandon Mitchell, Tiffany Walker, Beth Blinebury So give them all your support and your dollar dollar bills y’all because when the scene isn’t being toxic af, being shady, heckling each other, only supporting people they think can do something for them and just all around being problematic to people who aren’t white straight cis dudebros (or their proxy equivalents) it’s a wonderful place!


Nicole Phoenix
Hannah Trav
Classic Reinvention
Underground System - Rent Party - 6/7/2018 - Paste Studios - New York, NY
Vernon Keith Ruffin Jr.
Rachel Fogletto
Marlénas McMahon-Purk
Jack Fitzsimmons‘ Snappy Pun series
Katonya Mosley‘s shows
Nichole Spain
Christian J. Mangual
Chanel Ali
Ronald Metellus
Dave Terruso
John Deary
Brandon Mitchell
Tiffany Walker
Beth Blinebury

After a bunch of you commented, Jordan wrote:

Jordan Guerra Y’all are all so fabulous and I’m better for knowing you all. Stanley R. Pokras I’d love to include this in Wikidelphia but want to give anyone I tagged who may not be comfortable an opportunity to opt out or edit (like if I used ur gov name versus stage name, etc) before moving forward.

My editorial note: I got a huge kick out of Classic Reinvention's sojourn into a story that included Underground System's Rent Party. That link doesn't really belong here. But I have it as a personal bookmark for my own use till some other way comes along for me to find that video again...