Gearing Up

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Gearing Up provides women in transition from abuse, addiction, and/or incarceration with the skills, equipment, and guidance to safely ride a bicycle for exercise, transportation, and personal growth.

Gearing Up consists of an open enrollment period and two phases designed to meet the physical, emotional and social needs of women in transition, while teaching the practical skills necessary to integrate biking into their lifestyle. To remain in the program, women must meet expectations, which include remaining drug and alcohol free, consistent attendance, following rules of the road and safety rules of the program, and continued respect of program rules and expectations.

Following up on the commitment to ride at a scheduled time, persisting to make it up a hill, or getting back on the bike after a hard ride are some of the lessons learned while riding a bike with Gearing Up and can be transferred into skills used to become self-sufficient by sustaining sobriety, maintaining job responsibilities and creating community.