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Home Care Associates calls itself "A Worker-Owned Company" and "Philadelphia's Premier Home Health Care Provider" and gives the following descriptive information:

Quality senior and respite care starts with matching our clients with a fully qualified aide. Each of our caregivers participate in an award winning training program ensuring they are equipped to provide a wide variety of in-home care services. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule a free senior care consultation.

Senior Care: Enlisting assistance when caring for an elderly loved one can be a difficult process. The pressures of determining the level of care for a loved can create stress and frustration among concerned family members. A variety of factors should be considered including whether or not a senior is safe in their current environment or if conditions require a higher level of assistance than current caretakers or family members are capable of providing.

With professional senior care assistance, families are provided with the necessary support to alleviate worry, reduce stress and re-establish personal freedom. Our qualified aides can attend to a senior’s special needs, keep track of their medications, and ultimately offer safe companionship and care. Senior care and respite services can be tailored for a one-time visit or on an ongoing schedule depending on your requirements.

Respite & Post-Surgery Care: Respite care provides non-medical support to primary care givers within the home environment on an as-needed basis. It is vital for personal caregivers to remember that their own health and well being are equally important when tending to a loved one. Respite and senior support is essential in alleviating exhaustion and fatigue while providing additional support to everyone involved in the caregiving process.

Respite care can also be a key component of the critical post surgery recovery process. Post surgery respite care includes rehabilitation, accommodating supervised mobility and aiding with daily tasks such as personal grooming and the administration of medication.

Award Winning Training: HCA has been nationally recognized for its success in both recruiting and training qualified senior care and respite aides. With the assistance of the Pew Charitable Trusts, an advanced training program has been developed with a focus on caring for physically disabled adults, behaviorally disabled adults and hospice patients.