Human Race Movement

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HRM is a project of WE ARE NOBLE ERA

We are a community of individuals who seek to pursue a better living by expressing our DREAMS, TALENTS, and PASSIONS. Our goal is to encourage and inspire our community by cultivating creative minds which will help individuals to develop and live out a better outlook in their lives.

Our Mission:

The mission of HRM is to bring awareness to the invaluable worth of our humanity and how our worth comes from our potential to love.

Our Vision:

The vision of HRM is to live in a nation where everyone feels obligated to treat each other with equal amounts of respect and kindness without negative assumptions or hateful actions towards any group or individual. Since we are all human, we are all essentially responsible to understand, care, respect, trust, and forgive each other as well as ourselves to an appropriate extent and anything less shall be labeled as unacceptable.

Our Purpose:

The purpose of HRM is to remind people of what’s most important. Ethnicity, gender, sexuality, wealth, religion, age, disability, social status, etc., has nothing to do with our worth as humans. The reason why we have so much issues with stereotypes, bigotry, racism, ignorance, hatred, discrimination, indifference, loneliness, low self-esteem, arrogance, hopelessness, etc., is because we lost sight of the worth of our humanity. The Human Race Movement will bring that worth back!

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