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The above website is unresponsive as of October 2021, and a search turns up no other URLs, so until we're told otherwise, we're assuming that the following information is now history:

iBuyBlack introduces itself with the line, "New! The iBuyBlack Discount Card. Get Your Card Now!" and gives the following descriptive information:

Economists say the average dollar earned by blacks stays in our community for 6 hours. Compare that to the white community. Dollars circulate in the white community for 17 days! Some laugh at our spending habits -- then they harvest our dollars like locusts in a field of corn. They don’t care that strong black businesses are good for the ENTIRE community. Considering the potential to lower crime and violence, ALL people should make a point of supporting black businesses.

According to Brian Williams, MBA and Founder of PurchaseBlack.com, “If we spent nine cents of our collective dollar with black owned businesses we could employ every single man, woman and child within the black community”. More jobs will lower crime and violence. We should heed the advice of Rev. Leon Sullivan and take charge of the dollars that flow through our pockets. The power is in our hands.

A broad coalition of Philadelphia leaders have united and developed the iBuy Black Discount Card to address this problem. Our goal is to recruit 10,000 Philadelphians to purchase the iBuyBlack Discount card for just $10.00. In return shoppers can expect discounts and benefits when they present the card to businesses who join our network. Network businesses will get new customers, community recognition, and free promotion within our extensive network.

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