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i.d.e.a.l. Magazine gives the following descriptive information:

i.d.e.a.l. Magazine Company is an award winning for magazine for Urban Young People with Disabilities. i.d.e.a.l. is an acronym for Individuals with Disabilities Express About Life. Our mission is to promote positive images of People with Disabilities in society. We also try to eliminate negative stereotypes among the disability community. We are a magazine that pushes the limits and to take the magazine to new and exciting heights. We talk about issues that other publications do not address such as Disability Culture & Lifestyles. We highlight People with Disabilities and without Disabilities who had a major impact in the Disability Community. i.d.e.a.l. Magazine is not your ordinary magazine for People with Disabilities so if you are interested in a magazine that is young, urban and fresh, yet classy we are the magazine for you.