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The Philadelphia branch of Jewish Relief Agency, also known as Philadelphia JRA, gives the following descriptive information:

JRA is the largest provider of food assistance to Jewish families in need in the Greater Philadelphia region and is the third largest direct-service food pantry in our area. Our monthly food distributions, which began in 2000, now assist over 3,000 low income households each month. What’s more, JRA has one of the largest corps of volunteers in the region – over 14,500 to date with an average of more than 850 people of all ages and backgrounds that volunteer each month. For many recipients, the work of JRA means the difference between eating regularly and going without.

We serve a wide variety of people from all walks of life who find themselves in need of JRA’s assistance. These include families with young children, the unemployed, people living with mental or physical disabilities, and elderly people living on a fixed income while struggling to make ends meet. While 85% of JRA’s clients are Jewish, JRA will provide food to anyone in need who asks for our help.

Those who need help beyond a monthly food receive help through our JRAid program. Volunteers can sign up to help in a variety of ways, such as providing a ride to the doctor, doing yard work, purchasing a supermarket gift card, visiting with a shut in senior, and more.

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