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We're All In This Together

Phil Korshak started making bagels in 2003, having moved from Brooklyn, NY to Austin, TX. It began as an effort to manifest joy and quite rightly proceeds in the same direction today.

Korshak Bagels are made with a natural, wild yeast fermented starter (named: Helen Mirren) and go through a 48 hour slow-rise process. They are boiled (or poached) for a hot minute and then baked in a deck oven on soaked cedar boards wrapped in burlap before they are flipped onto the hearthstone of the deck, resulting in a bagel that is crisp and chewy, delicious and delightful.

Korshak Bagels is a place where you go and meet the friend you have not yet met. Our walls, literal and metaphorical, offer a place of safety, acceptance, and celebration. We align with other like minded businesses to educate and celebrate the work of making food the right way, with love and respect. Korshak Bagels connects those who care.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the company's About page.

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