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"Once and Future" by Laura Borneman.

Laura Borneman gives the following descriptive information:

In my work, perception of place is fictionalized into invented structures and scenes that are not literal, but are expressive of states of mind, imagination and fantasy. All the work references architectural structures and spaces through a variety of two dimensional and three dimensional forms. Working back and forth between sculptural forms and paintings allows me to explore the psychological aspects of interior space, whether fanciful or based loosely on actual structures I have been inside of, or simply observed in passing.

I am particularly interested in how past experiences shape an individual’s perception of their present circumstances and future possibilities. By using a variety of modalities rather than consistent solutions or clear statements, I am addressing what I believe to be the absurdity of the human condition and our search for stability and clarity in our everyday pursuits. Unusual juxtapositions of imagery and structures that suggest impermanence are references to our anxieties about our present and future. The work suggests that no clear answers or solutions exist, but through accepting the absence of any singular path or method as a guideline, we are forced to rely on our own curiosity and creativity to offer alternative ways of seeing and experiencing the world around us.

The artist is based in Buffalo, New York, and does some shows in Philadelphia.


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