Nature Loves Quiet Sundays

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Nature Loves Quiet Sundays is an idea by Jon Paul Sank of South Jersey. It's is an environment proposal designed to please both Left and Right. It begins like this:

Can you imagine why nature would love quiet Sundays? Try! On this imaginary quiet Sunday, nobody is driving around shopping. Nobody is dropping off and picking up children all over town. Nobody is mowing lawns or whacking weeds. Hardly anybody is traveling to or from work. Some people are walking in their neighborhood; some are bicycling a few miles.

Now please recall the Great Silence of 2020. Did you hear it? After the Trump administration laid down the 15 Days to Slow the Spread, it got phenomenally quiet. I remember stepping outside of work one day. My workplace sits near the intersection of two four-lane roads, and the immediate area has dozens of stores adjoining vast parking lots. It was dead quiet. Traffic was ultra-light. The parking lots were almost empty. It was so quiet that I listened more closely, and yes, even the traffic far away was nearly silent!

My own inner noise then seemed loud. I took a minute to shush that hubbub. What a marvel it was, this great silence!

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