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Previous Descriptive Information

What We Do:

  • We promote entrepreneurship by helping small businesses, freelancers and the self-employed (full-time or part-time) find work.
  • We build stronger communities by creating connections, income opportunities and new ways neighbors can help one another.
  • We support caregiving by providing a free way for caregivers to market their services and earn fair pay for their work and by providing a free way for people to find and hire caregivers for their loved ones.

Why We Started Neighbor Hire:

We created Neighbor Hire because we wanted a site just like this, but it didn't exist.

It was just far too difficult to find help -- a baby sitter for our kids, a piano teacher nearby, an accountant, someone to look in on and provide companionship for the grandparents who live two hours away and are in their 90s, and so on.

Sure, if you have a personal referral that's great. But if you don't you're often stuck with anonymous names of people or businesses and very limited information to go on. Or you search the web, but tend to find those good at marketing themselves, not necessarily the people who are near you and offer the best services and prices.

We wanted a place where we could find people near us, read personal profiles, see pictures, and contact them if interested -- without having to pay for the privilege.

At the same time, we know how difficult it is for people running a small business to market themselves -- especially if you are just one person. Advertising, building a web site, marketing the site, and getting the word out can be expensive and eat up an enormous amount of time. It just shouldn't be that hard to let the world know about your services.

Neighbor Hire's goal is to make it easy for people to find the help they need and to make it easy for those providing services to market themselves and find work.

In addition, a great deal of the work in web development and online marketing that we have done in the past 10 years has been dedicated to helping good causes, non profits, social entrepreneurs and grass roots organization. We see in Neighbor Hire an opportunity to continue to make a difference. Not only by supporting entrepreneurs, but also by building community and improving lives.

One example of how we hope to do this is by promoting Companion Care as a service for families who are caring for loved ones and as a side-job for those who want to do something meaningful. Companion Caregivers provide friendship to the homebound, frail elderly or those with special needs. (More about Companion Care.)

If you have any feedback, ideas or suggestions for the site, please let us know.

Sincerely, Sam and Theresa Cohen