Office of Adult Education (OAE)

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The Philadelphia Office of Adult Education (OAE), formerly known as the "Mayor's Commission on Literacy", introduces itself with the line, "Investing in Adult Education Pays," and gives the following descriptive information:

Since 1983, the Office of Adult Education (OAE) has worked to equip all adults in Philadelphia with the education they need for work, family and civic engagement. OAE is charged to work on behalf of literacy and workforce development programs to help the estimated 550,000 adults in the City who need to develop their workforce literacy skills, prepare to compete in our knowledge based economy, complete secondary education and prepare to participate in postsecondary programs.

Mission:  OAE works with community partners and stakeholders to ensure that all Philadelphians have access to a high quality adult education system, which supports personal and career advancement and increased opportunities for adults in Philadelphia.

Vision:  Philadelphia’s system of adult education, workforce development and digital literacy will position the City as a national leader.


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