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A Guide to Food Assistance in Philadelphia

People facing food insecurity in this city are making difficult choices everyday that affect their ability to thrive.

  • When forced to stretch food dollars, families often purchase cheaper, unhealthier foods to get their children through the day and stave off the feeling of hunger.
  • Many food-insecure seniors are choosing between buying food and paying for medicine, and may skip meals throughout the day.
  • The consequences of these choices include malnutrition, obesity, mental health concerns, a weakened immune system, and a reduced ability to pay attention in school.

Based on this knowledge, the Philadelphia Food Policy Advisory Council's Anti-Hunger Subcommittee identified the need for a food resources toolkit that consolidated information about how to get affordable, healthy food in Philadelphia.

  • The subcommittee members gathered and compiled reliable information about different types of food resources for a project now known as Philly Food Finder. (MORE)


  • To find food resources near you, select "Resources" in the Philly Food Finder menu.
  • ADD additional resources to the database HERE