Police Athletic League of Philadelphia

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The Police Athletic League of Philadelphia introduces itself this way:

Philly PAL is... "Cops Helping Kids."

We aspire to be the premier youth-serving organization in the city, by reducing crime, promoting character development, and improving educational outcomes.

The organization has its headquarters in the Port Richmond section of the city, and it adds the following descriptive information:

PAL is a youth development organization offering educational, athletic, recreational, character-building, and cultural programs to Philadelphia’s youth, ages 6-18. All PAL programs are fun, safe, and FREE. PAL programming fills the dangerous void for Philadelphia kids during after-school and summertime hours by providing constructive activities and supervision.

Here's a bit more:

Whether it’s sports like basketball, soccer, or tennis, or educational offerings such as chess or mentoring programs, homework or computer clubs, or any one of the dozens of field trips offered in a given year, PAL’s programming has a common element which amplifies its impact: caring and committed Philadelphia Police Officers.

PAL Officers are a part of the fabric of the communities they serve. Our ability to create unique impact lies in the relationships forged among police officers, children, families, and their communities.

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