Scattergood-Thorne Conference Center

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In 1933, two rebellious women bought a home in Virginia’s woods. Then the CIA moved in.

  • A Washington Post Article
    • In 1948, Thorne, 71, and Scattergood, 54, made a deal: They would sell their 30 acres to the government, but only if they could live out the rest of their lives in their home. Any agency that acquired the land would have to abide by that agreement.
    • In the late 1950s, the CIA took over the land in Langley, Va., to build a headquarters that could accommodate its fast-growing operations. It kept growing, getting closer and closer to Scattergood and Thorne’s house but allowing them to keep their own entrance. The women were affectionately known at the CIA as “the sisters,” even though they weren’t related.
    • And that was how two rebellious ladies came to live on the grounds of the Central Intelligence Agency for nearly 40 years.