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Solomon Charter School was a school in Center City.

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From the school's student handbook:

In the winter of 2009 – 2010 a group of concerned business people in the Philadelphia area felt that something is not right in our various educational systems and we can and should do much better. Led by their head visionary, Steve Crane, the thinking was that our schools are simply too often not equipped to teach proper citizenship skills, values and ethics that should be foundational to who and what we are as Americans and so much else.

At about the same time, there was a new fledgling system of Hebrew Charter Schools that were looked to as a model for the value of community and multi-lingual education that they promised. As the summer of 2010 approached, Dr. Saundra Sterling Epstein, a professional educator with over thirty five years of experience, was hired to try to give some form and function to the vision that would result in a school. As time went on, the Chinese and larger Asian community found themselves drawn to the idea of a school that is based on our roots and foundational values as citizens and individuals, the value of teaching and building upon our cultural beginnings and looking to the future in hopes of becoming better, more ethically based and better equipped individuals and community members.

As this conversationcontinued, we were acutely aware that the world of education is changing with the realization that technology is a required part of the equation. Therefore, we became what is called a rotating blended cyber school. We are using the wonders of technology to increase significantly the amount of information and resources that are available to our students and to allow us to individualize aspects of our educational program to meet the needs of individual students.

We also were fundamentally committed to being an intentional community of diversity and invested learning. Therefore, almost immediately it was clear that we were going to work towards becoming an ADL No Place for Hate® school where every person and their culture, their roots, their ideas and their wishes for our world are valued and validated.

Thus the idea of Solomon Charter School began to truly take root. In Summer 2011, work began in earnest to submit a fully developed proposal for authorization to the Pennsylvania Department of Education in Harrisburg. Our charter was authorized on May 18, 2012.

Now it is up to us to build and expand this wonderful idea. We are so happy that you are all part of this.