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Superfluid used to give the following descriptive information:

Whatever you need; if it takes one or twenty people. Collaborate with members, just with your friends, or mix it up. Use your Pints superfluid to bring in the people you need but don't have, and you can start right now.

What is superfluid?

superfluid provides social currencies that compensate real efforts, without requiring conventional money. Social networks, online and off, allow for lots of productive collaborative relationships, and superfluid keeps them fair.

Why are there two communities within superfluid?

The IRS has specific reporting requirements covered under the model that it calls a barter exchange: most environments in which a virtual currency is used for transactions that would be taxable fall under this definition. We are compliant with these reporting requirements at superfluid:business, but also realize that a lot of collaborations have no commercial value, so superfluid:p2p is built specifically for such activities: superfluid:business is for transactions that have a financial value, which includes most business transactions, and any transactions involving the transfer of physical items with a value of more than one dollar. superfluid:p2p is for non-commercial transactions solely involving services that don’t have a monetary value.

Can I join both superfluid:p2p and superfluid:business?

You can, but you’ll have two accounts that don’t join together.

Do you integrate with my Facebook, Sourceforge, etc.?

Community is core to what we do. We believe that one of our most compelling aspects is the potential for collaborators to use us to power their relationships in social networking. If you manage a community in any social environment (whether Facebook, a listserv, or simply want to create an entirely new community), you can create a private network on superfluid that will allow you to build a proprietary collaborative environment.