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The One Less Foundation introduces itself with the phrase, "Lifting each out of poverty until there is one less" and gives the following descriptive information:

The One Less Foundation is dedicated to alleviating poverty by providing financial education, personal mentoring to individuals and families and education support programs to schools—to help them gain the skills needed to build the foundation for the pathway out of poverty.

Our programs target youth and adults in under-served communities, and are geared toward helping to educate them on matters related to personal finance, higher education and personal development.

We offer financial literacy classes for youth and adults; as well as educational mentoring for middle and high school students, and life coaching for adults. The goal of The One Less Foundation is to help individuals learn the concepts and skills needed to improve their life situation.

We recognize that poor financial and educational decisions coupled with the lack of access to resources and opportunity harm not only individuals and families, but entire communities. Teaching the basics of money management, educational achievement and personal development, promotes economic well-being that will extend into the generations. Education can change behavior and that changes lives.

Our organization works with individuals, schools, other non-profit organizations and government agencies to provide programs and curriculum to support the alleviation of poverty.

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