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TimeBank Media introduces itself with the line, "Everybody Has Something to Offer", and gives the following descriptive information:

TimeBank Media is a volunteer-led initiative of Transition Town Media that strives to create a community-wide circle of giving to encourage people to volunteer their talents and receive, in return, help with their unmet needs. You can become involved with TimeBank Media in many different ways: you can be a member, both on the individual or the family level, and your company/non-profit can become a “Community Partner” with TimeBank Media. You can also help us organize and run the TimeBank by volunteering your time with the Coordinators (and receiving TimeDollars in return) or becoming a Coordinator yourself. Whatever your passion is, we have a need for it in the TimeBank, on some level, somewhere.

While modern TimeBanking was created over thirty years ago, it is a new concept to many of us. The basic premise of TimeBanking is that it is an organized way to “pay-it-forward.” For every hour you invest doing work for someone via the TimeBank, you receive an hour that you can spend on any service offered via the TimeBank (not just with the person to whom you provided the service). On the surface this premise seems simple, but when looked at more deeply, timebanking offers new ways of thinking about time, wealth and community. In the end, we hope to achieve the rather large goal of reweaving community.

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