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West Philadelphia Community Radio

WPEB 88.1 gives the following descriptive information:

WPEB 88.1 FM is an independent, noncommercial community radio station dedicated to reflecting, representing, incorporating, empowering, and serving West Philadelphia communities by:

  • providing a channel for groups, issues, and music that have been overlooked, suppressed or misrepresented by other media;
  • promoting communication, education, and entertainment through programming that invites interaction between the station and the community;
  • providing training that facilitates creative expression and exploration of public issues with the goal of incorporating and empowering members of the community.

WPEB 88.1 FM is committed to celebrating the unique qualities of the communities of West Philadelphians as well as advancing the points of connection among people.

Background: In early 2008, Philadelphia saw the rebirth of WPEB 88.1 FM, a community radio station serving West Philadelphia, which had 1981 in studios located in the basement of Calvary Church on Baltimore Ave. In its first stage, the new WPEB is being stewarded by Scribe Video Center. Partnering with Scribe are two West Philadelphia-based organizations in particular, the Philadelphia Independent Media Center (Philly IMC) and the Prometheus Radio Project, and a growing variety of community and cultural groups. WPEB provides a much needed local, progressive, and accountable media outlet to serve as a voice for West Philadelphia’s many communities. The station plans to provide a forum for community based organizations and be a place to discuss the issues that affect us, play music not heard on mainstream media, and promote education and creative substantive expression. WPEB is one of very few Class D FM stations still on the air and is the lowest full-power broadcast radio station, with only 1 watt of power.